Out Of The Trashcan That Is My Mind These Days

Have you ever woken up with a fantastic story idea rolling around in your brain only to realise that it was actually a book you’d read ages ago? Or – as it was in my case this morning – a book that I wrote and self published about six years ago under my real name.

For a second I was overwhelmed and filled with excitement. Why, you ask?

The truth is a sad reality…these days I write my books in series and, while I thoroughly enjoy the novels I write, there are very few things more exciting than getting a great idea, fleshing it out and sitting down to get it onto the screen and, hopefully, the printed page.

All. In. One. Go.

Aaah, the stand-alone novel. My entrance into the world of writing and my own personal favourite. How I have missed it. There are a whole load of them floating around upstairs; conceptual ideas for great books.

That – excuse the pun – ‘novel’ concept is just that – an idea waiting to be brought to fruition. Not something that lingers, gathering dust, in the back of the trashcan that is my mind these days. In that dusty old patch of darkness all it’s going to get is an occasional look-in and that endearing “this is my idea and one day I’m going to turn it into a bestseller” diatribe. And there it lingers, joined by other great ideas while I keep dreaming storylines I’ve already written. So, as much as I have enjoyed the adventure of serialised books, I’m definitely making the next one a stand-alone.

“Oh no!” I hear you cry out. Paranormal romance is always in series. A stand alone will never work.

Or will it?

I think I’m going to give it a bash and find out if the genre will still be standing after I release a stand-alone novel with all the elements that you find in each – just minus the next installment. Imagine it… the final conclusion by the end of the book. I call it instant gratification; for me and for you, the faithful reader.

Now all I need to do is dust off a couple of ideas and see if the trashcan still holds anything of merit.
With NaNoWriMo fast approaching I think it marks the perfect opportunity to put pen to paper – or fingers to keys and let the dreaming begin.
Or even better – how about a novel a month through November? That’s my challenge to myself – 3 novels in three months to get the creative juices flowing so to speak.
And that’s all folks – stay tuned. I’ll be updating my progress here often but right now there’s a sexy little apocalypse idea that needs to be pulled from the ether and stuffed into my laptop.


Charting my Path…One eBook at a Time

Here’s a though – one that I hope will spread virally from my friends to their friends and so on. Basically put, it asks for support in making one writer’s dream come true. It goes something like this:

If my friends on Facebook supported me by purchasing just one of my books and forwarding my message to their friends – each of whom purchased just one of my books – I would be able to realise my dream of becoming a self-sustaining self-published author.

Six months ago I was involved in a vehicle accident which saw me hospitalised, operated on and left with enough metal pinning inside to ensure I will be setting off metal detectors for the rest of my life. It has also left me unable to walk on my own anymore…a daunting and scary thought. I still have to work a full-time job and, while I see slight recovery every day, it has become difficult and painful to maintain a job that revolves around spending a large part of my day on my feet. I managed to get through forty one years of my life without so much as a broken bone and the loss of independence hurts. But it has also brought the realisation that life is short and we should spend as much of it as we can doing the things that bring us the greatest pleasure. For me that’s writing.

At first I thought it might seem a bit self-serving until I stopped to consider my thoughts carefully. If another author made the same request next week, would I support him/her? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes. It has to be in order for my dream to succeed; and I have to commit myself to helping others as much as I hope that they will help me.

If we all help each other then we can assist one author this week, another the following week and so on. By the end of this year alone we could have helped over twenty authors become self-supporting and the cost to each of us would be minimal as long as our efforts were focussed and concentrated.

I’ve been accused many times of looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses but I still believe that a world where we help each other is a better place than one where we do nothing but think of ourselves and / or tear each other down. I might be an idealist at heart but I think it just might work.

So, how about it? Want to give it a bash and see how many lives we can change for the better? I’m willing to give it a shot and I hope you will too.

Please visit my website http://www.devlinchase.wozaonline.co.za for details on where my books can be purchased. Or, if you prefer to support an indie author you already know, please support them with the purchase of one of their books and pass this message along to your friends.

For those who choose to take up the challenge…thank you. I will keep reporting back here at my blog on how things are progressing. Hopefully we’ll see it spiralling up and away as more people get involved.